Why Choose Adalwolf

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          Our modern day dog be it a Chihuahua to a St Bernard as Carnivores all have the same

        nutritional needs and will benefit from being feed a high meat protein diet.

         What is a Carnivore, the term Carnivore means "Meat Eater", they have large pointed canine

        teeth, sharp molars and premolars specialized for eating flesh, they also have a short digestive

        tract which is high in Hydrochloric stomach acid which means they quickly digest meat proteins

        and fats.

         As a Carnivore dogs are lacking the digestive enzyme Amylase in their saliva which

        means the burden of digesting carbohydrates is taken up by the pancreas, long term over

        loading of the pancreas in this way is associated with Insulin resistance and ultimately the

        failure of the pancreas to produce Insulin. 

         Most of the commercial well known brands of dog food you commonly find on the market

       are not suitable for a dogs long term well being, as they are low meat and high carbohydrate,

       if you could actually call it meat at all, as they use the animal by products, which are left after

       all the valuable meat and offal has been taken away so you are left with feathers, hair, hoof

       and ground up carcass and then they bulk the product out with wheat, maize, soya and

       dairy products before finally adding oils, fats, sugar, salt, artificial colours, flavours,and


        This has caused  a rise in health problems in dogs including a increased risk of cancer,

       Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Liver failure, Skin allergies, Ear infections, poor growth, Hypertension 

       Weaken Immune System, Kidney Disease, Bad breath, Hyperactive Behaviour and Obesity.

        If you wish your dog to live a long happy healthy life then a simple change in diet to

       Adalwolf could make all the difference. 


        Adalwolf is extremely palatable and great for sensitive tummies and fussy eaters. approved

       by vets to provide your dog  with the correct amount of their daily nutritional needs. 

        Adalwolf was created to offer an alternative to raw food while keeping as close to the

       ancestral diet as possible.         

         Why Adalwolf Original 80/20 is an all life stage recipe, once a puppy has been weaned off its                  mothers milk,they are perfectly adapted to eating exactly the same diet as their mothers,

        so as long as you are feeding the correct high meat protein diet for their needs, they can stay

        on this diet for their lifetime, which also has the benefit of them not getting an upset stomach

        when the time comes to moving onto their next life stage food.

         Made in Great Britain, using only Human Grade ingredients that are ethically sourced

       with 100% provenance means we can trace each and every ingredient back to its source.

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