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Domestic cats have evolved from hunters, who in the wild would eat freshly killed prey. This has lead to our felines having a heightened sense of taste and smell.

Our mission was to create a range of extremely palatable products specifically formulated for cats. Flavour, texture and smell was an important factor in producing the highest quality product we are confident your cats will love.

As cats are obligate carnivores, they have unique nutritional requirements that differ to dogs. At least one-third of a healthy adults cat diet should consist of protein.

Proteins are made from building blocks called amino acids, some of which animals can synthesise themselves within the body, however there are some known as essential amino acids that must be supplied by the diet instead, Cats have 12 essential amino acids required in their diet, while dogs only have 11.

Two of the most important things needed in a cat food recipe are taurine and also vitamin A. Cats are unable to produce taurine themselves, so it is essential that we provide a sufficient level within their diet. Taurine deficiency can lead to blindness and heart failure, so ensuring that cats recieve enough taurine is extremely important to support eye and heart health. Vitamin A is also essential in a cat diet to ensure a healthy skin and coat, to maintain eye health and prevent muscle weakness.

Adalwolf cat food contains 70% meat and or fish content in every recipe, we have also added functional ingredients to help care for a cats health, which include Hairball care, Urinary tract health and a healthy digestive system.

Our recipes are suitable for Kittens, Adults, Senior, Sterilised/Neutered cats, Indoor/Outdoor cats, Weight control, Active cats and fussy eaters.

Made in Great Britain, using only Human Grade ingredients that are ethically sourced

with 100% provenance means we can trace each and every ingredient back to its source.

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