Our story started when at the age of five my parents brought a small black puppy home to be our first pet, that was it Jeremy became my very best friend and my love for dogs had began.

   As I entered my adult years I found myself working with animals and supplementing my income in the retail trade, which finally lead me to getting a job in a pet store.

   The best of both worlds surrounded  by all the lovely dogs the customers brought in store whilst still earning a wage to support my own dogs which by then were a one eyed black crossbred I had got from the blue cross called Nelson, a very pretty Border Collie called pebbles and Lennox an extremely bouncy Boxer puppy.

  As the years past by I realised that being surrounded by dogs was a big part of me, I mean can you imagine how often you get to have a cuddle with a new puppy or see the love an elderly owner and their dog have for one another.

   In 1998 I was lucky enough to purchase a small but established pet food store in Bedfordshire as the owners were retiring, in truth the store had seen better days and the dog food range was nothing more than you would find on the supermarket shelves. We soon rectified this and stocked a range of products which at the time was the best we could find.

   By 2006 we had relocated to Lincolnshire, absolute rural bliss and being disappointed with the standard of pet stores in

the area my Husband and I opened up our own Pet food store. It was at this time we really started to look at dogs nutrition and was horrified by what we saw, for to long we the general public had been hoodwinked by the major dog food manufactures into believing their product was the best when in fact you couldn't have been further from the truth.

   I throw myself into learning more about dogs health and nutrition and began attending seminars and workshops on the

importance of correct feeding and used my new found knowledge on advising owners to help their dogs overcome many

of the problems their dogs were having by being fed a poor nutritional diet, although unfortunately our choice was limited.

   The more we looked into it, the more we wanted to and knew we could create a dog food on what a dogs needs really are

for a long and healthy life. So began our long journey with the collaboration of one of Europe's top dry dog food

manufactures supported by leading vets and health nutritionists into creating Adalwolf a wholesome and natural dog food based on your dogs true ancestral diet.

   We are proud of what we have achieved and the proof is in the pudding as they say, we now have many happy and healthy dogs thriving on Adalwolf and invite you to join our team and help improve your own dogs health and well being.

                Pictured are our  part time receptionists & chief product tasters Halo & Hugo.