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Complete Natural Diets
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Natural Ingredients for Healthy Pets

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Established In 2006, we are a family business, based in the rural county of Lincolnshire.
Our pets rely on us to make the best decisions for them, and one of the best and the most important decisions you can make as a pet owner is what food will let your pet thrive for a long and healthy life.
Veterinary approved.
Adalwolf is a top quality Premium natural dog or cat diet formulated 
with the aim of improving the life and well being of your pets.
We do this by supporting animal health through nutrition, designing
recipes for your pets biological dietary needs. 
All our recipes are high meat made with freshly prepared ingredients, grain free, with NO artificial additives, colourings or preservatives
We have chosen to support British farmers where possible & select only the finest meats, fish, fruits, vegetables & botanicals that are 100%
natural, freshly prepared, sustainably, and responsibly sourced.

Our ingredients are important to us, so we gently cook each meat at a low temperature, which locks in all of the key nutrients & protects the proteins and ensures maximum digestibility and nutritional value to your pet.   

All the benefits of raw food in the convenience of a kibble.


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 Is to provide your pet with the best possible food which

replicates its natural evolution to a meat and protein rich diet.

We are proud to say our recipes are made in Great Britain, using

only the finest natural GM free human grade ingredients

with NO added sugar or salt.

Healthy Natural Sustainable Food

Made with Farm Fresh Ingredients

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